David Whikehart Photography is run by Dave and Marlene Whikehart, a husband and wife team dedicated to fine art photography. They reside in Hoover (Birmingham) Alabama.

Dave is a photographer who received his education at the University of Alabama at Birmingham and holds a certificate in color photography from the university's Special Studies Program. He began his award winning work in nature photography in 2000 and has exhibited his photographs at the Bluff Park Art Show and at the Southern Wildlife Festival. He prefers landscapes and wildlife compositions, but also includes other subject matter such as sailing ships and rural architecture. Marlene has worked with Dave as a photographer since 2007. She has trained at the Birmingham School of Photography and often combines architecture with her landscape images.

Fine art photography has its own placement in the art world. Since the advent of digital photography, a more sophisticated control over the artistic interpretation of images is possible. What Dave and Marlene consider to be fine art is the combined result of what may be seen before and after the shutter captures a composition. The beauty in nature may become an enhancement approaching the surreal while retaining reality. These are the kind of images that we want to share with you.

Some of Dave and Marlene's recent work has come from fall images taken in Georgia and Alabama. The selections include rural scenes and views inside national and state parks. Enjoy the offerings. Your comments by e-mail are welcome.